Who We Are


..in one true God who is King, Creator and Redeemer & He is the eternally self existent one. He is a Triune God who exists in three persons who are co-equal and co-eternal as Father, Son & Holy Spirit with distinct roles. His character is one of supreme goodness and He is loving , faithful, just and true.
….in the centrality of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the one and only true Son of God and is central to God’s purposes on the earth and in all creation. God created all things by Jesus Christ and without him nothing was made that was made. He was pre-existent with the Father, was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit to a virgin called Mary and is therefore true God and true man.  He is God’s anointed one empowered by the Holy Spirit to bring God’s kingdom to earth. He was crucified for our sins, died, was buried and resurrected and then ascended into heaven where He now resides. All things will be united by Him and for Him. He is both true God and true man.
…. the Holy Spirit is God, the Lord and has always existed along with the Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit as triune God.   The Holy Spirit carries out the work of the Trinity and is the One who brings about the eternal will of God in heaven and on the earth. He is the one promised by Jesus when he said  ‘I will send another like me’. He is our counselor, advocate and teacher and the one who reveals all truth. It is only through the power of the Spirit that the Church will be all He intends. It is the Spirit who indwells believers enabling them to live holy lives and to minister supernaturally. The Baptism of the Spirit is given according to scripture as a distinct experience to salvation and is not intended to be a one off experience but a ‘life in the Spirit’ evidenced by both the fruits of the Spirit and the gifts of the Spirit.
… in the Centrality of the Church. The Church is the body of Christ and the habitation of God through the Spirit and  consists of all those in all time who have put their faith in Jesus Christ. Every person who is born again is an integral part of the Church  and member of the Body of Believers. The Church is central to God’s purposes in the earth and Jesus is coming back for a restored, spotless bride made up of all the nations who are now One New Man in Christ. The Church exists to carry on the ministry of Jesus and further advance the Kingdom in all the nations of the earth.
…God has revealed himself through the whole bible; both the Old and New Testament is God’s revelation to us.  These writings contain His expressed will to man and are inspired in thought and word, written by human authors so that the Bible as originally given in its entirety is without error . We accept the Bible alone as our final authority in faith and in life and as the source of truth.
…. that Salvation is from God alone by Grace through faith in the atoning work of Jesus Christ. Salvation is a gift from God, not as a result of any of our good work or human effort. We are fully restored to relationship with God through repentance and faith in Him and His completed work of the cross. Those who are saved are sealed in Him and become a part of His body, the Church.
.. in the Priesthood of all Believers. Jesus Christ is both our High Priest and Chief Shepherd and all believers are therefore His Priests and under Shepherds who have been called to operate in their God given capacities and gifting. He has gifted every believer in roles to serve Him and it is our duty give ourselves as believers to Kingdom advance and to serve Him through His church.