Who We Are


is Gateway’s slogan because He has put a passion in us for three major things. His presence, His people and His purposes. This means as a people we long for His presence in all that we do, whether its Friday gatherings or midweek community groups, we want to experience Him, not just hear people describe Him. Along with that we Love God’s people and long to see them Grow into all He has called them to be. That means harnessing their talents and abilities, as well as being a transformed people. We believe the mandate God has given us is to gather his multi-coloured bride from the nations, grow into the fullness of all He has called us to be and then GO to our city and to the nations. That’s why we Gather, Grow, GO.

Our strategy for achieving this will be by:

Building and Apostolic Resource Church

Today many churches recognise the gifts of Apostle and Prophet without necessarily having one. It is our understanding that Apostles and Prophets exist not to do the work of the ministry but to release the body for worldwide ministry. Therefore we must become an Apostolic People group where all our people, along with their talents, gifts and abilities are harnessed for world mission. Key to this is the recognition of key biblical values: including being a dynamic people group made up of different nations, rich and poor, being prophetically driven and vision led, as well as being word & spirit focused, grace filled and radically obedient to the commands of Jesus. There is also a commitment to go to the nations. In order for this to happen we need to see all the Eph 4:11 gifts raised up within the church and for this we partner with many gifted Apostolic gifts in the nations that form part of our partner network called ‘Regions Beyond’.

Developing a Relational Church

This is more than just being friendly but being deeply relational. A true Apostolic church means that we really do relate, support and depend on one another. When Paul wrote to the churches he had a list of people whom he wished to greet: this one was his brother, this sister who greatly helped him and this Mother who blessed him. Being Apostolic more than anything else means we are family and the way we relate to one another is like sons and daughters, mothers and Fathers. The church is not a corporation or a club you join, it is primarily a people living and sharing their lives together and being built together into a spiritual house where Jesus is exalted and where we truly love being together.

Being a Mission minded Church 

We don’t send missionaries we build relationships and go with people on a mission. Equipping people and building friendships in the UAE and across the nations is our way of life. The church is never to be inward looking but recognises that that it exists always for those yet to be added. There is a calling on us to extend the gospel and we continually seek ways of doing this in our city, in our nation and as we build more and more relationships with people from different nations.

Depends on both Word & Spirit

The church cannot be all God wants her to be without the fullness of the authority of His word but also equally the fullness of the Spirit. We believe we need the authority of word to build strong and healthy churches and it is the Spirit who helps us to do that. Being fully dependent on Word and Spirit it is the only way to be fully informed as well as fully empowered. Both of these together is what makes a transformed people not just an informed people.


Equips & releases the body for world mission

God has called us not just to reach Dubai or the UAE but to simultaneously release people for world mission. It is not Jerusalem, then Judea, then Samaria and then the ends of the earth. Today we live in a global phenomena of where many nations can be reached from one city and in a city like Dubai we understand that fully well. We are therefore called to reach all of these places simultaneously. God has put the nations in Dubai and in Gateway for a reason and that is because He fully expects us to train, equip and release every one of our members for Global mission. As a result we have seen people raised up and sent back to their home nations as well as other nations that include: Philippines, Pakistan, India, Ethiopia, Lesotho, Uganda & Liberia.

We believe in the value of training our members for this important task and we do this through regular training, workshops and conferences.


Intentionally embraces the poor

Our vision is that rich and poor from all the nations would work together because this best demonstrates the gospel truth of ‘One New Man’. In Dubai we work hard to make sure we actively pursue and equip the poor in our midst and also in the partnership of our network of churches called ‘Regions Beyond’ where we have many works amongst the poor around the world including work into the slums of India, works amongst leprosy sufferers as well as those suffering with HIV. In Dubai which is often a city where not everyone has equal resources it is our heart to not only equip the less resourced but also to empower them to participate in our global mission as well. We have a team called ‘Bread of Life’ that seeks ways to help those who for varying reasons are struggling financially or have a need for food or clothes but more than that we want to do life with many of our brothers and sisters who live in the camps and we do this through our Connect Groups by being family, by worshipping together, growing together and being equipped through studying God’s word together.