Who we are

Our youth work for 12-19s is called Catalyst, but why?  It’s because at Catalyst we know that we need to be changed by the gospel on an ongoing basis in order to be the change in our schools and with our friends.  Our Catalyst meetings on Thursday evenings and other hangouts are fun and chilled times where we can enjoy being with each other, worship passionately, and get to know the Word of God and Holy Spirit.  It’s a great place to invite your friends and have them hear the Gospel for the first time, plus we always have interesting and fun events going on. Catalyst is not just a name.  We are Catalyst…and we would love you to come and join us any time.  We’re waiting to welcome you!

Meet our Team

Meet Our team

Catalyst is led by a dedicated group of leaders with a passion and calling to see young people meet Jesus and make his name famous in the city.  Many of our leaders have being involved in youth work for a number of years or have been recognised as leaders and raised up through their time in Catalyst.  It is such a privileged to lead young people in their discovery of their Christian lives.  If you have a passion to see young people step into all God has for them and you attend Gateway Church then why not consider joining the team?

What happens at Catlyst

What happens at Catalyst gatherings ?

Our main meetings take place on alternate Thursday nights in the centre of Dubai.  These are really welcoming places for new people to join us and get to know a few people.  We normally have short times of worship and bible teaching mixed with lots of laughter and games.  A lot of what happens here is led by our young people, which means the content is really relevant to the Catalyst youth.

Expect 0% grey-haired hour-long lectures and 100% fun, engaging and thought-provoking times together.

What else -

What else ?

We encourage all young people to attend our weekly Saturday bible studies and monthly socials.  Our bible studies are a great chance to get deeper into God’s word.  These times are discussion-based with room for in-depth learning to take place.  Got a burning question to ask? This is the place to come.

Join us

Want to join us?

We would love you to join Catalyst and get to know some of our awesome people.  The best thing to do is come and say ‘Hi’ to one of our youth leaders on a Friday or send an email to us with your details.

We’re looking forward to meeting you!!


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