Pete & Liz Vaughan

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Pete & Liz Vaughan

Pete & Liz have been married for 26 years and have three children, Jonathan, Charis and Joshua. They have been living in the UAE for 19 years.

Pete and Liz first met in London where Liz was training as a nurse and Pete as a fireman. Shortly after marriage both of them felt a call to missions and responded to that call in October 1991 by venturing into West Africa on a hospital ship called the M/V Anastasis. That was the end of normal life for the two of them having been caught up in God’s purposes for two years, living by faith. In 1993, God spoke to us about getting involved in Church planting so we then returned to our home church in London where we got involved in a church plant in South London and simultaneously, Pete went to Spurgeon’s Bible College for theological training. We also began to have children.

  Upon nearing completion of the training, in December 1997, while in the USA, God spoke powerfully through a series of prophetic encounters about us moving as a family to the United Arab Emirates, which we did in August 1998. Through the encounters God revealed His prophetic purposes for the Middle East and in particular the UAE.  Pete and Liz live with an expectation of revival and hunger for a church where a dynamic encounter of God’s presence is the norm. Their heart is to see a church fully restored and living in the fullness of God’s power like the New Testament church found in the book of ACTS. They very much believe that for this to happen requires an Apostolic understanding of church life where the whole body is released for world mission.

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